Practitioner Testimonials

“Freehand Clinic Manager has provided the backbone (excuse the pun!) to my practice for the last 10 years. It has grown with my practice and the customer service I have received is second to none. I am naturally cautious about implementing any changes in my practice which might impact negatively on patients and it took me months to build up the confidence to provide online booking – but it was the best thing I have ever done for my practice! Patients can book their appointments on a Sunday evening after a weekend’s gardening and the physios can be sure that with this added ease of booking, all the slots are full! “  Debi Elder, Principal, Bicester Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic.

“Absolutely fantastic. I’m so pleased I chose Freehand and Sensible People, I would be completely lost without it. Everything is so streamlined and organised and makes the business administration so easy. The support service they offer is also fantastic. I would highly recommend this software.”  Wendy Carswell, Principal, Physio logic, Otley, W. Yorks.

“We have been happy with our support from Freehand and their speedy response to our mistakes!”  Treena Shaw, Sports & Exercise Manager, FASIC, University of Edinburgh.

“I am very happy to recommend the excellent package that I have used for many years. The system has never let me down and my practice has been enhanced by the reliability of Freehand Clinic Manager.”  Judith Smith, South Wonston Physiotherapy, Hants.

“We first came upon FCM in the year 2000. FCM product has played a huge part in the build of our ever expanding ‘World Class’ Sports Injury Clinic and Human Performance Centre.  FCM have consistently, without delay, provided a high quality of training,support and advice over the years. Their knowledge and understanding about patient appointments, treatment notes and accounting of how a sports medical clinic operates is exceptional and I’m happy to recommend their services without a doubt!”  Gina Godridge, Team Bath, Admin Manager, University of Bath.

“This is the most accessible package for those using screen readers or are keyboard driven. I have searched for a number of years for a practice software that does what it says. Dont look any further stop here and have a good look. The off site support and training is excellent. Its good to have met some “Sensible People”.Peter Butcher, Bexhill Physiotherapy.

“I first made contact with Sensible People about twenty years ago, but decided not to embark on computer-based management at that time. We introduced Freehand in 2000 having received no pushy sales from the company. Over the twelve years of use, the software has run almost flawlessly, and on the rare occasions that we have experienced issues, willing, polite, concise and accurate help has been forthcoming from the Freehand team. Even the less computer literate of our staff have been helped by the support team.” David Wood, Guildford Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic. 

“I discovered Freehand Clinic Manager in 1996 when Sensible People installed and instructed me in the use of the Freehand programme which took my existing patient records to a new dimension. The system is easy to use and inputting patient information is straightforward and the wealth of information that can be extracted is enormous. The friendly Freehand team are always at hand to support, assist or just to chat through new changes that might be beneficial to the smooth running of the Clinic. We couldn’t do without you!”  C McN, Physiotherapist, Edinburgh.

“Whenever we need any support with Freehand we know that we will get a speedy and efficient response. There is always a friendly and helpful person at the other end of the phone and as they have  been to our practice to train staff we know exactly who we are talking to. No anonymous voices, but people who actually know who we are and understand how our practice runs.”  Carol Darvell, Practice Manager, Elaine Atkins Physiotherapy, Essex.

“Embracing advancing technology is always a daunting task but the support team at Freehand have always provided both myself and my practice manager support and help whenever we have needed it with their software.  Freehand has helped the practice expand over the past few years and allowed us to run an efficient and almost paper free head office!”  Denise Riggs, Kesson Physiotherapy Sevices, Kent.

“Sensible People are approachable, seemingly always available, give sensible advice and appropriate support. Understand practioner needs and tailor product to suit practice. System is user friendly, intuitive, time saving, efficient and delivers.”  Philippa Tindle, Falmouth Physiotherapy.

“Aberdeen Physiotherapy has been using the Freehand system for many years.  Being new to any kind of In house computer package can be a bit daunting at first but we can honestly say it was very user friendly. The benefits the package can provide for your practice in terms of data and the information it can provide is extensive, along with that and having the full backup of the friendly Freehand team on hand at the end of a telephone gives us complete piece of mind.  Regular updates of the system take place to ensure our business is able to keep up with modern day information technology. Thanks to all the Freehand Team for your invaluable support.”  Val Paterson, Practice Manager, Aberdeen Physiotherapy.

“We have worked using the Freehand Clinic Manager systemsince 1997,  finding it very user friendly. On the rare occasion we have had a problem we have always found them most helpful with their support, from a simple request to feeling disaster has struck and we have lost everything, they are always ready to help. They are continually upgrading the system to keep in line with what is happening outside the clinic – particularly changes in the administration of Insurance company claims.”  Beryl Flynn, The Cloisters, Leamington Spa. 

“We have been using the Freehand Clinic Manager system since 2001.  It is a user friendly program and we have had no problem training new members of staff on it. The reporting function is particularly useful.  Despite our practice growing to 7 physiotherapists we have found that it still meets our needs. Best of all is that the support team are just at the other end of the phone and are always so friendly and helpful in resolving issues that may arise. It’s a true pleasure to work with them.”  RP, Practice Manager, North West London Physiotherapy & Treatment Clinic.

“We are a small physiotherapy practice that has been using Freehand for our appointment diary and customer records for many years. During the 3 years I have worked here Sensible People have provided excellent support when required and we have never considered changing to a different system.”  Sandra, Capel Physiotherapy Clinic, Essex

“I find Freehand Clinic Manager a very useful tool in my work, enabling me to manage the diary and invoicing for the Therapists in a very clear and efficient way. The support team are very helpful and friendly on the odd occasion I have needed to contact.” June Meecham, Administrator, Life Story Therapeutic Centre, Reading, Berks

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