Public Access Module

This very useful utility is available as an option with Freehand Clinic Manager Professional, FCM Corporate and FCM College.

  • Patients can complete questionnaires on-line from home
  • New Patients can complete Registration Forms before they attend
  • Improve Survey Responses to prove your standards
  • Generate better data to gauge your performance
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction

PAM (Public Access Module) allows Practices to prepare uniquely identified Registration, Questionnaire and Survey Forms that can be completed electronically by patients directly into their own Patient Record, either at the clinic or at home.  Here’s how it works:

  • The Practitioner or Receptionist selects the relevant document from within the on-line library which is built into Freehand Clinic Manger and which forms parts of the patient record.
  • By simply clicking the PAM button the system will generate a unique PAM reference to be given or sent to the patient.
  • The Patient uses this reference number to access their unique form at a terminal or Slate PC in the clinic.
  •  Alternatively a link with the unique PAM reference can be emailed to the patient for them to fill in on-line over the internet from their own home or any internet connection.
  • Once the form is completed and saved it is embedded into the patient’s record.

PAM makes it much more convenient for patients to respond to questionnaires and surveys. Clinics therefore get a much better response and are able to build up more meaningful data about their services and performance.

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