Treatment Room Module For Patient Notes

This option is only available to users of  Freehand Clinic Manager Professional  using our ASP On-Line Service.

This is a reduced cost licence that allows therapists to complete Structured Medical Forms in the Treatment Room on a Tablet, Laptop, Slate PC or iPad.

Many Practitioners use touch screen Slate PCs or Tablet PCs in the Treatment Room when they are examining Patients and find this helps them keep focus on the Patient whilst using the assessment forms. This saves time and also means they can enter the information while it is fresh in their minds.

The forms are preloaded with all the Patient Data and Standard Information and are given unique reference numbers so that they are attached to the correct Patient Records when they are uploaded back to the system. These licences save money as they do not have access the full Freehand Clinic Manager System.

The set up cost is £25.00 per concurrent user licence. The monthly support and connection fee is £17.50 for the first user and £12.50 for each additional user. All prices exclude VAT.

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