OnLine Hosted Service Details

The ASP ONLINE Service from Freehand Clinic Manager is the most popular method for using one of the longest established and most stable clinic management systems on the market, whether you are a sole practitioner or a multi-location, multi-discipline clinic. It offers total flexibility in terms of when and where you want to access your system. You get unrestricted use of every aspect of Freehand Clinic Manager and will always be on the latest version. You will automatically benefit from any new features or developments as they are introduced.

Secure Connection

We connect you directly to our secure servers into your own clinic workspace. This more secure than a normal “Web Application”. All your data is therefore very secure and only accessible by you, or those people you authorise. Remote outworkers use a Remote Desktop connection directly onto our secure servers into their own dedicated work area using Terminal Services. You can authorise as many people as you wish to access your Freehand Clinic Manager system. They will all have their own unique access codes for Freehand Clinic Manager which will log their actions. Their access will be limited to the number of concurrent licences you have.

Ease of Access

You can access your system from any broadband connection. You can use any PC, Laptop or Slate PC running Windows Professional. You can even use your iPhone, iPad, HTC, or other smartphone able to run a Remote Desktop Application, to connect directly to your secure area.

  • Want to access your diary when travelling or away from the clinic?
  • Want to allow access to your colleagues, especially if they are part time, so they can check or make bookings when working elsewhere?
  • Perhaps you have someone who does the books at home?
  • How about taking a Slate PC into the Treatment Room so you can complete the on-line assessment forms?
  •  Use a remote reception service?

So many things are possible with this method.

No Network Worries

Using our ASP ONLINE Service you will not need to run or maintain your own network to enable multiple users to access a common source of data for Freehand Clinic Manager as they all connect directly to your workspace on our servers. Basically you can use the ASP version on any PC which is connected to the Internet.

No Data Worries

We back up your system up to 4 times a day onto at least 3 different locations so you won’t need to worry about this yourself and can rest assured your data is always safe.

What would happen if your PCs are stolen or there is a fire at the Practice? What if you cannot get to the Clinic because of snow? This is no problem with ASP ONLINE Service as you merely have to find somewhere with an internet connection (Home, Coffee Shop, Hotel, Motorway Services etc.) and you are up and running.

Support and Assistance

Included in your monthly connection fee is excellent technical support Monday to Friday 9.00 to 17.00 by phone and on-line. We provide a dedicated email address for other times.


Excellent training is provided to ensure you get the most from your system. The training is tailored to your needs and budget.

The Freehand Clinic Manager ASP ONLINE service is priced on a “Concurrent User” basis. This means you only need to have enough licences to cope with the maximum number of people who may need to use the system at any one time. You can set up as many authorised users as you wish.

Prices are dependent on the version of the Freehand Clinic Manager Family you choose so please Get a Quote.

Getting Started

If you would like to join the service or just have questions  Call us on 0333 800 1383 or Contact Us . We are nice people and we love to help.