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The full Practice Management System with Multiple Diaries, Reminders, Recalls, Patient & Referral Database, Full Accounting & Billing system, “One Click” Billing to Insurance Companies, Treatment & Diagnosis records, On-Line Medical Forms, Powerful Marketing Tools, Correspondence by letter, text or email. Extensive Management Reports & Statistics.

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Versatile Multi Location Diary Booking System

The diary and booking system allows you to manage several clinic diaries at once. It will automatically show you who is working at any time and what rooms you have available. It is very simple to operate and allows reception staff to quickly process patients and track them through their clinic journey. Additional features such as Electronic Reminders and Internet Diary significantly enhance the power of this excellent system.

Powerful Patient Database

Freehand Clinic Manager comes with a powerful patient database that allows you to record everything you need to know about your patients. You can record all their demographic information, age, date of birth, gender, hobbies, occupation, referral source, insurance company and much much more. This information can then be used for a multitude of communication and marketing purposes.

Quick & Easy Accounts

The accounting and finance package included with Freehand Clinic Manager provides everything you need to invoice patients, monitor outstanding balances, control income and expenditure and produce management statistics and reports. In short, everything you need to control and develop your business. Special functions such as Bulk Billing to Insurance Companies and Electronic Transmission of invoices via Healthcode make it a very efficient time saving system.

Comprehensive Management Information

A powerful set of management reports and statistical facilities are built into Freehand Clinic Manager which are vital to Practice Managers. You can easily see how the business is performing, where the revenue is coming from and how the workload works out for individual practitioners. It is easy to prove the effectiveness of the clinic’s professional activities when you are competing for insurance company or NHS contracts.

Flexible On-Line Medical Forms

Freehand has a library of medical assessment forms for most disciplines. They are quick and easy to use and allow practitioners to keep accurate assessment histories linked to their patient records.


A structured range of questionnaires are provided, such as “patient satisfaction questionnaires” that are built into the system and attached to the patient record. Once completed these can be scored and compared with, either the patient’s previous results, or against a wider group of patients. This is a vital part, and an easy way, of proving your professional standards.

Recall Processing

The powerful patient database within Freehand Clinic Manager Pro offers the ability to automatically recall patients after a predetermined amount of time has lapsed since their last visit. This amount of time can be a default for the clinic (say 3 months) or individually set for each patient depending on their needs and condition.

You can set each patient to automatically receive a letter, text or email when the recall process is run. Alternatively you can produce a phone list for you to contact each patient. It is also simple to exclude patients from recalls by setting their preference to “None”.

Marketing Tools

A key benefit of Freehand’s powerful database is that is comes with a sophisticated Search & Selection Facility that provides a versatile tool for conducting marketing activities or producing reports. Linked to the in-built bulk mailmerge function you can use selection results to send emails, letters, SMS texts or produce call lists.

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