Automatic Patient Recall Processing

Patient Recall Processing is designed to allow you to highlight the fact that you want to review a patient, or group of patients, for some reason in the future. If a patient does not visit you for some time, you usually want to follow them up.

The recall might be purely for internal reasons – it does not have to send anything to the patient. For example, you might want a list of every patient who has not been seen for 3 months – you can then decide what action you want to take. It could be that, by reviewing their details, you can make a decision about whether to actually recall them or not.

All recalls can automatically be sent in bulk with a single click.

Recall Processing Settings

  • None – no recall required
  • Letter – the system will do a bulk mailmerge using a predetermined template which will (usually) produce a letter. However, it could be to produce name and address labels.
  • SMS Text – You can send the patient a pre-formatted text message. (Electronic Reminders System required)
  • Email – you can send the patient a pre-formatted email message (some set up required).
  • Phone List – a printed list with patient contact details of all patients who have declared ‘phone’ as their recall method. This can then be used by the practice to contact the patients individually.

Recall Frequency Settings

  • Recall Frequency – sets the recall for this particular patient. The options range from 2 weeks to 12 months. A default is set by the system unless you change it.
  • Recall Due Date –  The system automatically updates this field unless you enter a date manually. The system will recognise when a treatment is entered into the system for a patient and will add the appropriate recall frequency to the date and store the result in this field.
  • Previous Recall Due Date  – When you ‘send recalls’ via the system and the patient is deemed to be due for a recall, then the system will load the ‘Due Date’ into ‘previous recall due date’ and then calculate a new ‘Recall Due Date’ based on the Recall Frequency field.

Document Templates

A choice of document templates with personalised patient information are set up to merge with the bulk mailmerge data generated by the recall process.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about how the Recall Processing System can help your practice please Contact Us. We are nice people and we love to help.