We conduct half-day or full-day workshops at the client’s premises. We do this where it has been identified that an in-depth consultation and discussion about aspects of running the business and integrating its needs into Freehand Clinic Manager would be beneficial.

A Typical Workshop

  • Review of Practice Paperwork, Forms and Records and how to incorporate them into Freehand.
  • Set Up & Control of Patient Data, Correspondence & Recalls
  • Recording & Reporting of Financial and Accounting information
  • Recording & Reporting of Clinical Data
  • Configuration and control of Diary Resources
  • Management of multiple sites and diaries.
  • Data security and user control
  • Establish installation and implementation plan
  • Identify training needs and establish training schedule

Planning a Workshop

Workshops are planned, and the agenda agreed, in advance with the client. The charges for a Workshop are based on an hourly rate (typically 3.5hrs for a half-day) plus mileage. We do not charge for travel time to and from the client’s premises. If the workshop is to help with deciding what clinic management system to buy we will put 50% of the charge against a resultant purchase.   Call to discuss your needs.

Workshops are particularly useful for:

  • New Clients investigating clinic management systems
  • New Clients who want help setting up a system from scratch
  • Clients looking to change an existing system
  • Clients whose business needs have grown and want to get more from Freehand.

Want to talk to someone?

Please call us on 0333 800 1383 or Contact Us to discuss your needs. We are nice people and we love to help.