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FREEHAND CLINIC MANAGER private medical practice clinic management software is perfect for any type of Private Medical or Therapy practice and can easily be tailored to fit your individual needs. Freehand Clinic Manager serves the needs of all sorts of healthcare clinics and will allow you to manage and develop your business whilst concentrating on excellent patient care. The range offers a variety of features to suit different needs.

With Freehand Clinic Manager products you can:

  • Get up and running quickly
  • Develop the system as your business grows
  • Provide great medical care for your patients
  • Prove your professional performance and effectiveness
  • Control and Develop your business
  • Save time and effort

Freehand is very flexible and can be tailored to perform exactly as you want. We have some great value packages for specialised needs.

Shown below are the most popular versions of Freehand Clinic Manager. A full list of the Freehand Clinic Manager range can be seen here. Read more…

FCM Clinic Diary Booking System

A patient booking and diary system with patient database ideal for therapy clinics that want to start small and concentrate on encouraging and managing appointment bookings from patients either online or by phone. Read More…

FCM Professional Practice Management System

Freehand Clinic Manager private practice management software is one of the longest established healthcare clinic management systems on the market. FCM Professional is the most comprehensive of our systems from which all other versions derive. It provides all you need to fully manage and develop a Practice. Read more….

 FCM Corporate Practice Management System

A specially designed version of Freehand Clinic Manager Professional for larger clinics that have their own client / server network using a central server. Read more….

FCM Teaching College Clinic Management System

The College Diary is an enhanced version of Freehand Diary and Appointment Booking System for busy Therapy Teaching Colleges and Clinics. It provides a method to simply control complex inter-related schedules for Students, Tutors, Work Groups and other resources. It gives a clear and easy to understand single Diary Display which quickly shows what is going on.

In addition it is able to produce comprehensive reports for Student Attendance, Activities, Appraisals, Clinic Occupancy and many more aspects of College activities and outcomes. Read more….

Would You Like To Know More?

If you would like to discuss which version of Freehand is best for your practice or arrange a no-obligations demo please call us on 0333 800 1383 or Contact UsWe are nice people and we love to help.