FCM Professional – Comprehensive Clinic Management System

Freehand Clinic Manager Professional is one of the longest established private clinic management software systems on the market and offers all you need to manage and develop even the largest Practice.

The Key Elements of the system are shown below. For a list of the Key Product Features please click here Read More:

Versatile Diary and Booking System

One of the most powerful and flexible appointment systems available. You will enjoy an instant view of what is happening at any time and make it easy to book patients and control activities. Read more…

Powerful Patient Database

Everything you want to know about your patients including all their contact details, how they found you, what treatements they have had, how much they owe and when they next plan to visit. Read more…

Patient Recall Processing

Highlights the fact that you want to review patients for some reason in the future and automatically recalls them. If a patient does not visit you for some time, you usually want to follow them up. Read more…

Structured Medical Forms

Freehand allows you to have your own Structured Medical Assessment Forms loaded into the system for completion on-line, direct into the Patient Record. It comes complete with some example forms which may suit your needs. Read more…

Quick & Easy Accounts

Fast and easy-to-use facilities for recording and processing all the financial information you need to control and develop your Practice. You will be able to control your finances tightly and report on the effectiveness of your Treatments. Read more…

Comprehensive Management Information

You will have at your disposal a powerful set of tools to help you manage your practice on a day to day basis. Freehand allows you to extract, manipulate and review the information collected within the system. Read more…

Questionnaires and Registration Forms

Freehand Clinic Manager comes with 6 Standard Questionnaires to allow you to collect Performance and Outcome Data from Patients such as Registration Forms, Patient Satisfaction details and effectiveness of treatment. Read more…

Optional Extras

Electronic Reminders

You can automatically send Appointment Reminders by SMS Text or Email. At the touch of one key the system automatically interrogates the Diary and sends reminders to Patients. This significantly enhances Patient satisfaction and reduces No-Shows (DNAs). Read more…

Internet Diary

This option enables your patients to book their own appointments via your website. This is especially useful as an “out of hours” service or when the phones are busy. Clinics that use this system have seen a noticeable increase in bookings, especially from New Patients. Read more…

Treatment Room Module

A special low cost option to allow therapists to access Structured Medical Forms, Questionnaires or The Diary from Slate Pcs, Tablet PCs,  iPads or Laptops whilst in the Treatment Room treating patients. Read More..

Therapist Online Diary View

24/7 Access for UNLIMITED users for only £6.00 ex vat per month (set up charge applies). This offers your associates and therapists access to view their appointments in their live diary via a Web Link. They see only their own schedules, complete with patient contact details for booked appointments.

Public Access Module.

This allows Practices to prepare and complete uniquely identified Questionnaire Forms away from the main Freehand Clinic Manager system. When completed the questionnaire is automatically uploaded into the Patient Record in the Freehand Patient Database as an integral part of their Medical History. Read more…

Budget Guides

Freehand Clinic Manager Professional can be configured to your exact needs so the price is also tailored to your requirements. The following prices are an indication only.  Just tell us what you want and we will give you an exact price. All prices exclude VAT.

ASP On-Line version from £14.50 to £37.00 per month inclusive of support (set up charge applies)

Installed version from £450.00 to £750.00 plus annual support option

Please call us and tell us how you work, or request a quote,  and we will quickly work out the best package for you. Our aim is to provide a system that meets your needs at a budget you can afford.

If you are simply looking for an accounting and financial system Read More..

If you only want a booking system Read More….

Would You Like To Know More?

If you would like to discuss which version of Freehand is best for your practice or arrange a no-obligations demo please call us on 0333 800 1383 or Contact UsWe are nice people and we love to help.