Demonstration Information

Want to see Freehand Clinic Manager in action?

Our aim is to provide an easy way for you to find out what Freehand Clinic Manager looks and feels like. We are also keen to make sure you get the information you need so that you can be sure Freehand Clinic Manager will be suitable for you.

As with any demonstration system it is only an example and cannot possibly cater for everyone’s specific needs, or show everything Freehand Clinic Manager is capable of. So please call us on 0333 800 1383 and we will guide you through the system to ensure you see what is relevant to you.

What type of demonstration suits you?

Our aim is to make sure you have the information you need in order to make the best informed decision on this important step for your business so we offer a number of ways for you to see how Freehand Clinic Manager works. Here are the main options:

  • Download a link to our On-Line Demonstration. Please use the “Book A Demo” button.
  • Assisted On-Line Demonstration. Read more..
  • Personal On Site Demonstration and Consultation. Read more..

Demonstration Log In

If you have already regsitered for an ID and Password for the demonstration system and want to log in please click here to go to the Log In Page

Demonstration Guidance Notes

To help you with using the demonstration system and to see some of trhe many features and facilities Freehand Clinic Manager has to offer a set of guidance notes are available. Read more…

Not Sure What You Need?

Give us a call on 0333 800 1383 or Contact Us. We are nice people and we love to help.