Product Features

The following is a summary of  featutres in the latest release of Freehand Clinic Manager. Please click on a heading that you are interested in and you will be taken to pages with more detailed information.

Patient Information:

  • Extensive Patient Search & Selection Facilities for bulk mailing & marketing
  • Patient Alerts – medical, drug, financial and admin warnings
  • Export a Bulk mail merge run via email or SMS
  • Record Patient Contact Preferences for marketing purposes
  • Patient Recalls via phone lists; bulk mail merge letter run; text to mobile and emails
  • Automatic Patient Billing Preferences – selected from a number of variables at a patient level
  • Maximum Number of  Treatments allowed per patient per course of treatment

Appointments Diary:

  • Manage multiple diaries with varying resources
  • Outstanding Balance is displayed on the appointment detail screen
  • Patient Alerts – medical, drug, financial and admin warnings always visible
  • “GoTo” Date for fast navigation
  • Multi-Bookings – block off a period of time in the diary and then separately list the patients involved
  • Ability to pre-initialise the Group or Resources displayed when diary is opened
  • More efficient processing when maintaining Diary Resources
  • Extra fields to print on Appointment Cards


  • Electronic Invoice Production (eg Healthcode) or via email
  • ‘One Click’ Bulk Invoicing – saves masses of time
  • Bulk Invoice Preview List – view a billing run prior to production
  • Invoices automatically updated in an Invoice History Attachment List on the patient record
  • Indicator to denote invoice production method for ease of reference
  • Quick ‘Invoice Off’ facility for stock sales, etc

Medical Notes:

  • Enhanced Structured Medical Notes completed on-line within patient record
  • Optional HTML Medical Forms – with analysable extracts
  • Reduced cost licence for economical & efficient medical note taking in treatment rooms
  • Surveys & Questionnaires – new library of examples with extended analysis details


  • Quicker Print Access for report production
  • New Stock Profit & Loss Report
  • Extended Library Data Extracts and Statistics available as Spread Sheets
  • Work In Progress Spreadsheet option
  • More details on the O/S Balance Spreadsheet option.
  • More details on the Group Account Holders spreadsheet (used mainly for NHS Contracts)

External Links:

  • Links to Exercise Software Programs eg. PhysioTec & PhysioTools
  • Smooth Integration with products such as JAWS Screen Reader
  • Link to Online HELP

Ease of Use:

  • Extended User Authority controls
  • Extended Invoice & Stock Item Descriptions
  • Extended amount fields (items and totals)
  • Extended Options on printer dialogue boxes
  • Extended Library data extracts

Want to know more?

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