How Do You Work?

Look at the description that is closest to the way you work, press “Go to my option” and you will be taken to the recommended version of Freehand Clinic Manager – practice management software systems designed for therapists..

Single Practitioner starting up

Freehand Clinic Booking System will provide everything you need to get started and will also help you to grow. You will be able to choose to install it or use it on-line. Go to my option.

Single Practitioner working in several locations

The most flexible and secure method of using Freehand Clinic Manager private practice software is our ASP On-Line Service which allows you to connect from any PC at any broadband or WiFi connected location. Your data is always secure and available at any time (even when you are away on holiday). Go to my option.

Multi Room or Multi Discipline Clinic in one location

If you have a number of therapist users sharing data, and have an internal peer-to-peer network set up, then Freehand Clinic Manager Professional installed locally on your PCs will work very well for you and provide a very powerful patient and practice management system. Go to my option.

Multi-Site, Multi Room or Multi Discipline Clinic with remote access

If you have several clinics in different locations and / or you want associates to be able to connect from outside locations, the most practical method is to use our ASP On-Line Service. This removes any problems with setting up servers or networks and provides a very efficient, flexible and secure method of allowing therapist colleagues to use the system at any time and from any location. Go to my option.

Large Multi-Room or Multi-Site Business with its own server

If you have your own network with a proper server the Freehand Clinic Manager Corporate version has been designed for you. It uses client / server technology that delivers excellent network performance and comes enabled for 5 concurrent users initially. Additional users can be added easily and economically. Go to my option.

Not Sure What You Need or Just Confused?

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