Freehand Demonstration Guide

These are just a few basic hints to get you going. If you would like a more detailed demonstration, please contact us and we will be pleased to go through any aspect of the demonstration with you in detail. If you have any questions or are experiencing any difficulties with the demo, please Contact Us or phone us on 0333 800 1383.

The demonstration is designed to give you a flavour of Freehand Clinic Manager and gives you access to most but not all functions.

We will remove your personal User Id from the system after a while. If your Used Id is not recognised, please call 0333 800 1383 for a new personal User Name. Changes you make to any of the demonstration information will not be permanent as we reload the demonstration files each night

Patient Data

To find a specific patient, select “Find An Existing Patient” and enter the first few characters of the name. For instance, enter Bro and select Geoff Brown from the list on the next screen.

You can now look at all the patient information and try out Freehand Clinic Manager features. You can add new patients, change patient details, record treatments and payments, print invoices and statements, record medical details and even change static information and print reports.

The Appointments Diary

The diary automatically launches in Day View, All Sessions. In the date box at the top left of the screen, select Wednesday of the current week and you will see a number of appointments. To see details of an appointment, double-click it. To see details of the patient, select “Find Patient”. You can make new appointments, record treatments and change patient details as much as you like.

Right click the mouse on the therapists name at the top of any of the columns and the view will change to Week View for that therapist.

Experiment with the diary controls to see the different views.

The Internet Diary

To look at the internet diary, exit from the demonstration and on the web site select “Freehand Clinic Manager Internet Appointments Diary”. On the first screen choose “Any Practitioner, Any Therapist” – answer Yes to “Are we currently treating you?” and then click on the “Continue” button. The next screen allows you to choose which days of the week you would prefer and which, if any, therapist you would like to see. Select some days, choose “Any Therapist” and select “Continue”. Now you are given a list of your chosen days on which appointments are available. Click on any one of the days and you will see a list of the appointment times that are available. Select one, enter your details and select “Make Appointment”. You will then be presented with a confirmation screen which gives you your appointment details. Also, a confirming email will be sent to the email address you entered.

Not Sure What To Do?

Give us a call on 0333 800 1383 or Contact Us. We are nice people and we love to help.