Patient Database

Freehand Clinic Manager has at its heart a powerful database containing everything you want to know about your patients – from how they found you, all their contact details, what treatments they have had, how much they owe you, to when they are next due to visit you.

Advanced Search & Select Screen

Using the information you record on a normal daily basis you can select and group patients using FCM’s Search and Select Facility to:

  • Conduct marketing campaigns,
  • Undertake medical surveys
  • Produce performance statistics (e.g. for insurance companies) and a multitude of other tasks.

Patient Details Screen

The comprehensive information recorded in the Patient Details Screen is the basis for many activities and statistics. You have instant access to anything you want to know about, or do with, the patient. Instantly you can see:

  • What type of patient they are
  • When they last attended
  • Any Medical or other Alerts
  • All their contact details including any “marketing flags”
  • How and if they want to receive Electronic Reminders
  • Their Date of Birth, Age & Gender
  • How long they have been with the Practice
  • Which Practitioner normally looks after them
  • Which Clinic they are registered at
  • What Course of Treatment they are on
  • How many treatments they are allowed & how many sessions they have had from their allocated total
  • When they were discharged
  • When they last paid & how much they owe.

Registration Details Screen

There is more detailed information on the Registration Details Screen which will allow you to record and select patients using criteria such as:

  • Occupation
  • Hobbies
  • Insurance Company and Claim Details
  • Referral Source
  • GP Details
  • Recall Information and Controls

Additional information can be collected in the Patient Registration & Consent Form or Questionnaires that can be completed On-Line by the Patient. In addition you can set controls to send Initial Letters or Discharge Letters. You can also set the system to automatically send Recalls to the patient by text, email, letter or phone.

Make full use of Patient Data

Whether you are a Receptionist, Practice Manager, Practitioner or Marketing Person the information from these screens alone will provide you with powerful data to assist in your work and help you develop the business and your professional standards. Using FCM’s Search and Selection Facility you have a powerful tool to access your patient data and the ability to manipulate it and use it for any purpose you wish.

  • Want to tell patients about a new Treatment or Service?
  • Want to send a questionnaire to patients who presented with a particular condition and record outcomes?
  • Want to contact patients in a certain district about a new Clinic Opening?
  • How about sending patients birthday cards?

You can generate lists and statistics based on any combination of factors from the data and mailmerge to emails or letters or generate reports.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about how Freehand Clinic Manager’s powerful database can help your business please Contact Us . We are nice people and we love to help