FCM Professional Clinic Diary & Booking System

Versatile Multi-Location / Multi-Practitioner Appointment System

Freehand Clinic Manager has one of the most powerful and flexible appointment systems available. Whether you are a Single Practitioner, a busy Multi-disciplinary Clinic with many Practitioners and several locations, or a Teaching College with many students working in complicated work groups, Freehand’s Diary System will present a simple view of what is happening at any time and make it easy to book patients and control activities.

Receptionists will find the simple layout quick and easy to master, allowing them to process patients very quickly so they can give excellent service to them while they are in the Clinic.

Things you can do

These are the things a Receptionist can do in a matter of seconds direct from the Diary whilst chatting to the Patient:

  • Take a booking
  • Book a Patient In
  • Track their progress through the Clinic
  • Record a Treatment & Take a Payment. Read more..
  • Print a Receipt
  • Book Another Appointment
  • Print An Appointment Card
  • Print a List of Appointments past and future
  • Send SMS or Email Appointment Reminders. Read more..
  • Confirm or change Internet Bookings. Read more..

Other convenient features:

  • The Diary Appointment Screen links directly to the Patient Database to allow instant access to all functions within Freehand Clinic Manager. Read more..
  • The status of the Patient’s Account and any Medical Alerts are fully visible within the Appointment Screen.
  • You can quickly navigate to any date and return instantly to Today’s Date in one click.
  • The status of the Patient within their clinic journey is easily visible by using the Diary’s built-in Colour Coding System.
  • You can set up as many Diaries as you wish (e.g. for different locations) and flip between them using the drop down menu at the top of the Diary Screen.
  • Time slots can be set for each Practitioner individually which is ideal for Multi-disciplinary Clinics.
  • Reports such as Appointment Lists or Clinic Activity can be produced and viewed, printed or output as spreadsheets. These can be focussed for any date range, for any selected Clinic, or by any combination of Practitioners

Diary Views

The Diary View can be set to show you many different aspects of Clinic Activity. You can focus the view for any Clinic you select as follows:

  • Day View to show everyone working for that day (varies according to each individual Practitioner’s working hours).
  • Session View – very useful if you want to focus on Morning, Afternoon or Evening Clinics.
  • Week View to show what a particular Practitioner is doing for the week.
  • Room View to show the occupancy of Treatment Rooms.
  • Time List View – very useful if you have many Practitioners with varied time slots so you can see everyone due in at a given time
  • Group View – very useful for large Multi-disciplinary Clinics as it allows you to show only certain types of Practitioner, e.g. Osteopaths or Physios. It is also an important view for Teaching Colleges.

Optional Extras

  • Electronic Reminders  – Send SMS or Email reminders to patients about their upcoming appointments to reduce DNAs. Read More..
  • Internet Diary – Patients can book appointments into your diary via your website (only available to ASP On-Line Users). Read More..
  • Therapist On-Line Diary View – Allows practitioners to view their schedules, complete with patient details, via the internet.

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