Optional Extras

Here is a summary of the optional facilities available with most versions of Freehand Clinic Manager.

Electronic Reminders

Use of the Freehand Diary and Appointment System opens up the possibility of automatically sending Patients Appointment Reminders by SMS Text or Email.

You can configure the system to send a text or email to a Patient at a chosen time in advance of their appointment. At the touch of one key it will automatically interrogate the Diary and send out reminders to all Patients that require them.

This significantly reduces DNAs and enhances Patient Satisfaction. Clinics that use the Electronic Reminder System have found that this facility has saved hundreds of Pounds in lost revenue by significantly reducing No-Shows (DNAs) and it also keeps the Patients happy.

This is an additional feature that can be easily integrated with the Standard Freehand Clinic Manager Diary.

Internet Diary

Another option with the Freehand Diary and Appointment System is the Internet Diary facility. This is a Hosted Booking System with a personalised web page linked to your website directly into your Clinic Diary within FCM PROFESSIONAL or FCM BOOKING SYSTEM.

This service enables your patients to book their own appointments via your website. This is especially useful as an “out of hours” service or when the phones are busy. Patients are offered a sub-set of appointments based on your own criteria. Patients do not see your whole diary.

 Clinics that use this system have seen a noticeable increase in bookings, especially from New Patients.

Public Access Module

This very useful utility allows Practices to prepare and complete uniquely identified Questionnaire Forms that can be completed independently of FCM PROFESSIONAL by emailing the Patient a link or having them use a Public Terminal in Reception. When completed the questionnaire is automatically uploaded into the Patient Record in the Freehand Patient Database as an integral part of their Medical History.

Treatment Room Licence

This is a reduced cost licence that allows therapists to complete Structured Medical Forms in the Treatment Room on a Laptop, Slate PC or iPad.  The forms are preloaded with all the Patient Data and Standard Information and are given unique reference numbers so that they are attached to the correct Patient Records when they are uploaded back to the system. These licences save money as they do not have access the full Freehand Clinic Manager System.

Questionnaires & Surveys

A library of questionnaires and survey forms are included within Freehand Clinic Manager. These can be generated from within the Patient Record are form an integral part of their medical history. These forms can be scored and rreports produced to show comparative results.

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