Quick & Easy Accounts

FCM Professional and FCM Back Office provide fast and easy facilities for recording and processing all the financial information you need to control and develop your Practice.

  • Invoice Patients and Insurance Companies
  • Determine what income has been generated by each Practitioner
  • Know where the business came from
  • Know who owes you money
  • Control your expenditure

The daily activities of recording Patient Treatments and Payments, plus any expenditure, will build up an extensive fund of information that Freehand will enable you to manipulate to produce statistics, reports and other management information. You will know exactly what is happening with the Practice and what your financial position is.

You will also know where your business came from, who did the work, how much it was worth, and how much it cost you. You will also be well armed to generate more future business in the most profitable way. In short you will know how to make the maximum profits.

Take a look at how Freehand Clinic Manager handles the following aspects of your finances.

  • Patient Accounts  – Recording a Treatment, Stock Sale, Taking a Payment. Read more..
  • Invoicing Patients, Insurance Companies & Third Parties, Electronic Billing. Read more…
  • Expenditure & Cash Book Read more…
  • Accounting Documents Read more…

Need to know more?

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