Patient Accounts

Patient Account Summary Screen

At the heart of the system is the Patient Account Screen which shows a track of the Treatments and Transactions recorded on that Patient’s account. You will see instantly whether they owe you money and how much, split down by each Course of Treatment.

The information is entered as part of the normal activities on Reception and is quick and easy to complete.


Recording a Treatment

This can be done quickly from most screens as well as straight from a Diary Appointment. It only takes a couple of clicks to select a treatment from a drop down list and save – job done! You can also Take a Payment at the same time. Those simple actions will produce a wealth of information to be used for accounting and management purposes.

Stock Sales

Stock sales are generally, but not always, associated with the recording of a treatment and the Sale of Stock function is accessed by selecting the Sale of Stock button on the Record a Treatment screen.

The stock item is selected from the drop-down list. This will display the description and unit price on the screen and you enter the quantity – the total price is calculated automatically.


Taking and recording a Payment is very quick and simple. It can either be done at the time of Recording a Treatment or by clicking the Record a Payment Button which is visible on most screens.

By using the tick boxes and drop down lists you can, in very few clicks, record the type of payment (cash, cheque, card etc), the amount and which Practitioner it should be registered against. You can choose to print a receipt at the same time if necessary.

Invoice Off Feature

You have the option to instantly invoice off any item that you are taking a payment for. This is very useful if you are selling a stock item to an Insurance Patient so that it does not get included in their automatic invoice run. A record is automatically inserted into the patient invoice history list.

All the above actions will instantly update the Patient Account and update your Cash Book for the day.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about how patient accounts work please contact us. We are nice people and we love to help