Patient Invoicing

Bulk Invoicing at one touch

Probably the most important facility within Freehand Clinic Manager is its ability to produce Invoices and Statements individually or in bulk at the touch of a button. This saves an immense amount of time and ensures you are always up to date with your billing. You can create invoices in several ways:

  • Individually invoice a specific patient
  • Automatically invoice all un-invoiced items for all patients in bulk
  • Automatically invoice the relevant Insurance Companies for all insured patients in bulk
  • Individually invoice a Third Party for an Individual Patient.

All invoice runs can be created using a variety of criteria such as date range, patient group, Insurance Company, Practitioner, Billing Cycle etc.

Invoice Preview

You can preview any invoice run to check what it will contain. The output can be saved as a spread sheet for reference.

 Invoice History

Every time you produce an invoice for a patient, whether you print it, send it by email, or by electronic transmission via Healthcode, it will be added to the patient’s invoice history list. The system attaches a suffix to each invoice to tell you how it was produced (E for email – P for print – T for electronic transmission). This means you can instantly see their invoice trail and quickly view, re-print, or re-send an invoice.

Sending an Invoice

Invoices may be produced in bulk or individually using the following methods:

  • Printed and Posted
  • Email
  • Electronically via Healthcode

Electronic Billing

A special feature within Freehand Clinic Manager is the ability to transmit invoices, individually or in bulk, electronically via the Healthcode System direct to Insurance Companies. This not only saves an immense amount of time and paper but ensures that your invoices are processed efficiently and you get paid quickly which significantly improves cash flow. For more information about Electronic Billing please Call Us.

Billing Cycle

Freehand Clinic Manager allows you set Automatic Billing Cycles for each Patient so that the system automatically produces an invoice based on any preference you set. This is especially useful where Companies require invoices after a set number of treatments or only at discharge etc.

Group Accounts

One of the most valuable time saving facilities in Freehand Clinic Manager is the Group Account System.

This facility allows you to produce invoices and statements in bulk for Group Accounts – that is, for patients whose treatments are paid for by third parties. This is often one of the most time consuming jobs in a busy Practice but with Freehand Clinic Manager it is done at the touch of a button! You will normally do this in a number of different cases, typically the following:

  • Third parties, e.g. PCGs, Sports Clubs or employers, who pay you to treat their patients, members or employees
  • Insurance companies who you invoice direct on behalf of the patient

The third party to whom you send the invoice is the Group Account Holder, and all the patients for whose treatments the holder will pay are Group Account Members.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about how FCM’s Invoicing System can help your practice please Contact Us. We are nice people and we love to help.