Expenditure & Cash Book


Freehand Clinic Manager enables you to record your Practice Expenditure and Sundry Income items so that you will end up with a good idea of what your profits are at any time.  Expense items are set up in a code list so you can quickly and easily record them by using a drop-down list.

Your accountant will be happy as you can instantly produce a report showing all your Expenses and Sundry Income broken down by relevant categories such as Wages, Rent & Rates, Electricity etc.

Cash Book

Your Daily Cash Book will show you the following information in a report you can produce with one click:

  • What payments have been taken that day
  • Total for all payments
  • What type of payments they were
  • Sub-Totals for each type of payment
  • Which Patients they were for
  • Whose Patients they were
  • Totals for each Practitioner
  • Which operator processed the payments
  • Totals for each operator

The Cash Book report enables Receptionists to print out a report to reconcile their Cash Tins at the end of their shifts.

Need to know more?

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