Management Reports

Comprehensive Management Information

Freehand Clinic Manager provides a variety of ways of extracting, manipulating and reviewing the information collected and recorded within the system. You therefore have a very powerful set of tools at your disposal to help you manage your business on a day to day basis as well as plan for future development. You can control your finances tightly and also report on, and prove, the effectiveness of your Treatments.

The information contained in Freehand Clinic Manager may be used for many reasons such as:

  • Marketing, using selection criteria to generate Patient Data. Read more..
  • Professional Performance, using Treatment, Diagnosis and Outcome Codes or Questionnaires
  • Daily Management, using Attendees Reports, Appointment Lists, Day Book, Cash Book etc
  • Financial Management, using Outstanding Balance Reports, Invoice Lists, Expenditure Reports, Stock P & L Reports etc.
  • Strategic Analysis, using Annual Statistics for Practitioner Workload, Revenue Analysis, Referral Business, Insurance Company Business, Business from GPs, Diagnosis Analysis, Treatment Analysis, and more.

Reports & Statistics

Information can be extracted and manipulated from within Freehand Clinic Manager in the following ways to produce lists and reports:

Search & Select Facility

Using the Search Screen and selecting the various options presented you are able to extract data for Patients given any combination of factors.  The information extracted can be output in the form of a Table Listing, Mailmerge List, or Spreadsheet. Read more…

Practice Reports

Freehand Clinic Manager has an extensive suite of standard reports that present you with all you need to know to successfully run your Practice on a day to day basis.

Attendees ListCash BookReceipts List
Un-Receipted Payments ListDay BookDischarge/Recall List
Expenditure ListGroup Acc Holder/Member DetailsLast Updated List
Letters Due - InitiallyLetters Due - On DischargeOutstanding Balance Report
Invoice ListStock Control List - Ordinary ItemsStock Control List - Prescription Items
Stock P and L - Ordinary ItemsVAT Report - InterimVAT Report - Final


Using the Statistics facility you are able to view, print or output to a spreadsheet, annual figures for the last 1 or 2 financial years. There are some standard reports aimed at giving you a good view of how the Practice has performed over that period of time. The main reports are:

Diagnosis AnalysisTreatment AnalysisWorkload Analysis
GP Referral AnalysisMedical Insurer AnalysisReferral Source Analysis
Revenue Analysis

From these reports you will know, broken down by month:

How many Patients you treatedHow many were New PatientsHow many treatments each Patient had
Who treated themWhat they were treated forWho referred them
How much business you are doing with Insurance CompaniesThe Revenue Produced by any aspect of activity, Practitioner or Referral Source.Output your data to spread sheets

Data Extract

In addition to all the pre-formatted standard reports Freehand Clinic Manager has a Data Extract Facility which allows you to output any data you wish from the system using the Search & Select Facility and create a spreadsheet that you can then manipulate according to your needs. This gives you ultimate flexibility when it comes to producing management information.


These also provide a source of data that can be interrogated and scored. These can then be compared and collated to produce Survey Results, for example to show Patient Satisfaction or Clinical Outcomes. This function will select questionnaire score results for every patient which satisfies the search criteria specified on the Patient Details Extract screen. Read more…

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