Marketing & Correspondence

Marketing Reports

Using the Advanced Search & Selection facilities or Data Extract utility it is easy to produce reports from the Powerful Patient Database. As long as you are recording it you will be able to report on it! 

Mailmerge & Bulk Mail or Bulk Email

Freehand Clinic Manager has extensive bulk mailing facilities that can be used for Marketing, Communications or Reports. You can select groups of patients using the Advanced Search Screen. Selections can be made quickly and simply by using a very extensive range of selection criteria such as AGE RANGE, GENDER, LOCATION, CONDITION, OUTCOMES, REFERRAL SOURCE and many more.

Once you have made your selection it can be merged simply to produce letters, emails, texts, contact lists or reports.


You can generate personalised letters or emails for any contact instantly using a wide range of “standard document” templates that you can set up and manage at will. Any correspondence created will be attached to the patient record in the correspondence history and can be recalled instantly.


Attach Files

Any type of file can be attached to the patient record by uploading or scanning. These may be scanned letters, pictures, X-Rays, videos or sound files as long as you have the software to view them.

Need more information?

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