Structured Medical Forms

Flexible On-Line Medical Forms

Swamped by paper? – Freehand Clinic Manager allows you to have your own Structured Medical Assessment Forms loaded into the system for completion on-line direct into the Patient Record. It comes complete with some example forms which may suit your needs.

A library of Structured Forms is available for most major disciplines. Send us an example of what you want and we will load it into your system for you. A small charge may be applied depending on what you want, but we will discuss this with you at the time.

Embedded Images and Charts are available for marking up, including Pain Scales. Range of Movement, Life Impact and Improvement Scales etc.

The system populates the Patient Details, Practitioner Details, and other “standard information” to save you time.

It is quick and easy to enter data into the forms and, in many cases, it can be used to produce statistics and reports to show the effectiveness of treatments and other performance factors. Drop-down lists, charts and tables speed up the process and help to ensure that the information entered is standardised. Touch screen technology can be used to further speed up the process.

Many Practitioners use touch screen “Slate PCs” in the Treatment Room when they are examining Patients and find this helps them keep focus on the Patient whilst using the assessment forms. This saves time and also means they can enter the information while it is fresh in their minds. Used in conjunction with our Treatment Room Licence this is very convenient and keeps cost down.

Benefits of Integrated Strucured Medical forms

  • Cut down on paper, waste and storage space
  • Records are more secure (especially from fire or theft)
  • Forms can only be viewed by authorised persons
  • Instant access to all the medical history of the patient (very useful when you are in the Treatment room or reviewing a Patient)
  • Medical Forms can be viewed remotely if you are an On-Line Clinic
  • Data entered can be quantified to produce statistics
  • Email Assessment and Treatment plans to Patients or authorised third parties
  • You present a modern and efficient image to Patients
  • You save time and money

Special Treatment Room Module available to enable forms to be used on Slate PCs, laptops or iPads at reduced cost. Read more…

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