Internet Diary – How It Works

This facility enables your patients to book appointments over the Internet at any time, day or night, whether your reception is open or closed.

A link to the Internet Diary is incorporated into your own web site and its appearance is tailored to your requirements.  The patient can choose where, with whom, and when an appointment is preferred and will be presented with a list of options. The patient does not see the whole of your diary.

Retain control of your bookings

Restrict bookings to certain PractitionersRestrict bookings to certain times or daysLimit the maximum lead time for bookings
Allow longer appointments for New PatientsRestrict the use of the facility to Existing Patients onlyDecide how much detail you require from the patient before accepting a booking
These are only a few of the options, which can all be tailored to suit individual practices.










You can see from the pictures that the Internet Diary allows the patient to choose preferred days and therapists. This, along with may other features, is an option which you can turn off if you don’t want it.

Having chosen a preferred appointment from the list presented, the patient will be shown the confirmation details.  At no time does the patient see any other patients’ appointments, nor will any part of the diary be displayed, so the patient can never see the clinic workload.

Appointments booked over the Internet are shown on the practice’s appointments diary in a different colour from other appointments.  The receptionist can open each appointment and confirm it, which automatically sends an confirmation email to the patient.  Once the appointment is confirmed it returns to the same colour as appointments booked in the normal way.

This gives the patient the advantage of knowing that the appointment has been confirmed by the practice, not just the computer.  The practice also benefits, because it gives the receptionist a chance to contact the patient and cancel or re-arrange the appointment on the spot if it is in any way unsuitable.

Need more information?

For more information please call us on 0333 800 1383 or Contact Us.  Alternatively, you can see  a demonstration on-line. Click here to register for your user id and password to access the demonstration.