College Diary Detail

The College Diary System is very comprehensive and the following is only brief details of some of its functions. To get a good idea of how it works and what it can do for you we suggest you call us on 0333 800 1383 so we can arrange to show you in detail.

Main College Diary Navigation Panel

Allows quick movement by day, week, month and year and selection of session, day and week view, with new patient allocation function. Specifies which clinic and student to display, allows room selection by attributes or room number and gives access to room view.

Maintenance Function Selector Screen

Allows access to all College Diary setup functions and the management of profiles for:

  • Practices (clinics)
  • Shared Resources (e.g. rooms)
  • Resources (non-student practitioners or special equipment)
  • Students & Student Sets (study groups)
  • Tutors & Student Work Groups

Normal Day View

  • Shows a column for each student, indicating gender and year number in column heading.
  • Colour coding indicates the status of each appointment (arrived, being treated, paid etc).
  • Pale blue slots show the student is available, background colour slots show non-working periods for the student.
  • Student absence is indicated by a dark green slot.

Day View showing Student Work Group Bookings

  • Each column shows appointments booked for a particular student work group.
  • A small window shows the make-up of the group, giving quick access to individual students’ diaries.

Two Week Views showing the same appointments for a Two Student Work Group

  • Two students share the appointments with patients X and Y.
  • The appointment colour coding shows which is the lead student (white) and which is the shadow (coloured).

Appointment Detail Display

  • Full details of the appointment – patient name, student name, data, time, room number and room attributes.
  • Allows entry of notes specific to this appointment.

Day View showing availability for a Particular Room

  • The user can select a specific room number.
  • The display shows that the room availability at specific time by colouring the unbooked appointment times magenta.
  • The user may select a different room, or by specifying room attributes (G/Floor, Wheelchair etc) find another room.
  • Normally the room number and attributes are left out and the system books the next available room.

Room View, showing availability of All Rooms

  • Each room has its own column and shows blue for available and magenta for already booked or unavailable.
  • Slots showing in the background colour indicate a non-working period.

Arrivals View, showing patients who have arrived for their appointments

When reception logs a patient’s arrival, the student and patient name is displayed on the “Arrivals Board” PC.

Daily Tutor Schedule

Shows the appointments for all of the tutor’s students for the day – including patient name, room number and a brief note.

Appointment List

Lists the student’s or other resource’s appointments for the day – including patient name, room number, duration and brief notes.

Student Tracking Report (See example)

  • Comprehensive statistics on types of complaints
  • Demographic analysis of patients, student absences.
  • Essential for student assessment.

Patient Attendance Rates (See example)

Month-by-months counts of consultations and treatments by student, highest, lowest, standard deviation and mean.

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